alimony and child support

enforcement and modification

Even though you may have hammered out a divorce agreement that settled property division, custody, child support, and alimony disputes, or even if you received a “final” judgment from the court after your divorce, a significant change in your circumstances – or you ex-spouse’s – may require a modification of the divorce decree or family court order. You or your ex-spouse may change jobs, relocate, or remarry. When circumstances change after a divorce, you need an experienced Fort Lauderdale support modification attorney with extensive experience representing clients in matters relating to the modification of child support, alimony, and custody orders or other elements of your final judgment. Don’t hesitate to call Lindsey Wilson in Fort Lauderdale for legal help with any modifications in divorce orders or agreements.


At Lindsey Wilson, we have the experience needed to represent you skillfully and aggressively if you need to modify family court orders due to changed circumstances. Reasons why individuals seek to modify an existing custody, alimony, or parenting rights order include:

  • changes in one or both parents’ income, including unemployment
  • changes in time sharing or custody by the agreement of both parties
  • disagreement by parents over the “best interests” of the child
  • changes in an alimony recipient’s needs
  • a child reaches age 18
  • one parent seeks to relocate with the children
  • child support needs have changed
  • one parent is remarrying
  • a new child has been born to one parent
  • a death of a parent

Changes happen. Alimony, child support, and parenting plans sometimes become obsolete. A competent, experienced Fort Lauderdale support modification attorney can help you modify and update family court orders to reflect your current circumstances. Whether you need to modify an alimony order because your ex-spouse is cohabitating or remarrying or because your child is now a teenager, Lindsey Wilson helps clients resolve these issues through a mutual agreement or with the court’s help. At Lindsey Wilson, we can explain your options, protect your rights, and help you take the appropriate legal steps toward a brighter future for yourself and your children. We invite you to schedule an appointment by phone at (954) 399-2821 or by e-mail through this website to discuss your needs, options, and legal rights as quickly as possible.

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