Paternity Actions

Your child is the most precious part of your life. If a paternity question arises, you’ll need the guidance and sound advice of an experienced Fort Lauderdale paternity lawyer with specialized knowledge and experience to help you through a confusing and often difficult process. As a father, if paternity is not established, you could lose your parental rights including timesharing and decision-making rights. If you are denied your basic rights as a father, your child and your relationship could be irrevocably harmed. Don’t let that happen; instead, call Lindsey Wilson in Fort Lauderdale as quickly as possible. At Lindsey Wilson, we understand Florida paternity laws and will aggressively fight to protect you and your child in a paternity action.


To ensure that both parents enjoy their full parental rights under Florida law, paternity sometimes must be legally established. In Florida, legal paternity may be established by:

  • Being married to the child’s mother when the child is born
  • Signing the child’s birth certificate when or after the child is born
  • Marrying the mother and updating birth records at the Florida Office of Vital Statistics
  • Obtaining genetic testing
  • A judge’s order establishing legal paternity

Unless legal paternity is established by one of these methods, you may need to file a lawsuit to establish your paternity; if the mother resists or disputes your paternity action, you must be represented by a family lawyer who fully understands paternity cases and who aggressively advocates on behalf of clients. Lindsey Wilson also represents men falsely accused of fathering a child and men in divorces involving adultery when the paternity of an unborn child is in question.

You can be certain that Lindsey Wilson will handle your paternity matter with professionalism, diligence, and respect.

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